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Monday, November 30, 2009

Texas Bird Hunt Movie


I've been learning how to use Picasa3 on my home computer, and this is the result of trying to create a movie in Picasa. As you can see, I probably have too much free time! This takes awhile to do, and it's lots of fun! The biggest problem was the music. The original music I had chosen was "Precious Memories" sung by Randy Travis. It was just right for this movie, but in order to share this with everyone on YouTube, I couldn't use that music. It wouldn't allow me to use it, even though we have purchased that CD. This is the part I don't really understand. I thought that if you bought the CD, then you could use the music, but I guess it's a YouTube thing. Probably because it is being shared publicly on the internet. Anyway, YouTube gave me some choices on music that was allowed and that's how I came up with this one.

I have used PhotoStory3 before to create movies and really I think I like it better, but just wanted to try out Picasa. I hope you will watch it and give me feedback. The ending is not what I really wanted, had some trouble with ending exactly with the music. Maybe I didn't complete the download exactly right because I became impatient! It took a very long time and I had to go to bed, and I was keeping Fletcher up too. Let's see if this works on the blog...