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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Good Report!

This month marks two years since I had a lumpectomy to remove an "area" that was found on an annual screening mammogram. I was diagnosed with DCIS in August of 2010. That was followed by surgery in October of 2010. Following that surgery, my diagnosis was changed to LCIS and I did not need any radiation or chemotherapy since it was not invasive, and many doctors do not even consider LCIS to be "cancer" - Praise the Lord!

I am happy to report today, October 2012, two years later, I have received an "all clear" mammogram and there is no sign of any cancer or abnormalities! I am so thankful for a good report! The doctor that I saw today says that I will only need to have six month follow ups for one more year, then she would recommend that I only have a mammogram once a year after that as a regular follow up.

Now that's good news! :)