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Friday, May 29, 2009

Hangin' Out at Home

I haven't written anything in a few days because there hasn't been anything really happening around here. We are so happy to have Amy living here with us during the interim time between graduation and starting her job in Atlanta at the end of June. We fixed up the spare bedroom just for her with her computer and everything. We hung the picture that she had at her house in College Station over her bed and it really looks cute! So, we've been going to "workout" sometimes in the mornings, and we've been watching movies at night. We've seen some good ones. Last night we watched Mall Cop (at Fletcher's request). It was pretty stupid, but had a happy ending which is important to me. You can probably imagine how much Amy is enjoying living here with us! I'm still knitting slippers. I just finished my third pair today! Now I'm ready to try something new. I think I will need another lesson. On Monday (Memorial Day), we went out to dinner with Christopher and Laurie Anne and Mary Katherine at Outback Steakhouse! On Tuesday we stayed home. On Wednesday Amy and I drove up to College Station. Amy had some errands to run there and I was just basically along for the ride. We had hoped to see Jennifer, but we didn't get to see Jennifer because she was at work while we were there. Jennifer has moved to a new location in College Station. She is living at the same house that Amy just moved out of, but Jennifer is in a different room. I hope she likes it. Did you know the MSC Bookstore is closed and is moving to a new location while they do renovations? We were unable to go into the bookstore to look at the frames, and that is the only place you can purchase them. On Thursday we stayed home, and on Friday we stayed home. Amy is getting ready to go on a trip next week. She is very excited about it! Dan has been away on a fishing vacation with a friend in South Texas, so we haven't heard from him. Well, I guess this is pretty boring, but maybe something interesting will happen around here soon. I'll let you know.

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