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Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas is over. What now?

Christmas took up so much of my time with planning, shopping, cooking, and visiting that now that it's over, I really have to remember that it's over already, and I have to move on with this new year and do something else instead of shopping and cooking, and preparing for Christmas...but what?? What am I supposed to be doing now? I had been putting so much time and effort into Christmas, that now just seems dull, and boring, and meaningless.

For some reason I became interested in reading the book of Ecclesiastes on New Year's Eve as we were driving toward Rotan, TX at around 11:00pm to spend New Year's with Fletcher's family. I had been reading it earlier in the day before we left and had found the wisdom of Solomon to be so profound. And, since there were no good radio stations on that long stretch of road once we turned north of the Intersate heading toward Rotan, and I was trying to stay awake so that Fletcher would stay awake, I came up with the idea to read the Bible, from my iphone app. That's when I started reading the book of Ecclesiastes aloud to Fletcher (in my teacher/librarian voice), and before I knew it we had read and discussed the entire book! We finished just before we got to Rotan, TX and just before the year 2009 ended and 2010 began!

God thought of everything didn't he? I love the way he knows all of the troubles, feelings, and emotions we will have throughout our life, and he put all of the answers into one book, The Bible, just for us, his children, so that when we open it and seek his advice, it's right there in black and white. And with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can apply His word to fit our situations in life whatever they might be. What a great and mighty God we serve!

I would love to reprint the entire book of Ecclesiastes right here for you to read and give my own commentary on each chapter and verse, which would probably be different than any you have ever heard before! But, instead I will strongly suggest that you reread this book from your Bible, or iphone app, and see if you agree that God is speaking to you even today through the words of a wise King in the days of the Old Testament. Amazing!

I have included here in this post a few photo memories of our Christmas of 2009 which I am missing very much right now!

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