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Friday, January 21, 2011

Scenes from Christmas 2010

We had a great Christmas this year in Ruston, Louisiana! Ruston of course is "home" to me and Fletcher, and the kids still remember when we lived there as a family. The Scott and Gullatt Grandparents still live there so there are lots of places to sleep! We turn their homes into "mini" hotels! And the food is always the best! I need to give a big THANK YOU to "Grandma" Vernaughn and "Memaw", my Mother, for doing all of the cooking! We had Christmas dinner twice, so you know what that means, double dressing and double desserts! Yummy!! I have never made the cornbread dressing because my Mother and Mother-in-law make it so well, and I know I could never make it as well as they can. So, I am very grateful for all the effort that goes into the shopping and preparing of these delicious meals. I usually try to help out with the dishes after dinner, and sometimes I get to help a little with the cooking, but not too much. We love spending time with our Parents/Grandparents at their homes in Ruston, and we love being all together there for a few days.
Here are a few "scenes" from Christmas of 2010!

 Amy, Jennifer, and Dan

 Dan, Jennifer, Amy, me, and Fletcher

 Dan, Kim, Amy, Jennifer, Jarred, me, and Fletcher

 Dan and Kim

 Jarred and Jennifer

 Bailey and Amy

 Memaw and Poppy

 Grandma, Uncle C, and Pawpaw Scott

 Austin, Emily, Mary Katherine, Melanie, Laurie Anne, and Christopher

 Pawpaw and Grandma

 Austin and Emily
Engaged to be married on May 21, 2011

 Poppy and Memaw


(Not allowed inside the house!)

 Jennifer and Jarred and Tommy

 Bailey and Poppy

 Jennifer and Amy
Sister love!

 Kim (Soon to be the Bride) and Dan (Soon to be the Groom)
Wedding on February 5, 2011

 Amy and Tommy

Jarred and Jennifer
Engaged to be married.

 Pawpaw Scott
Ready to open gifts on Christmas Eve!

 Grandma Scott
A new cookbook for the cook!

 Poppy loves nuts!

Memaw and Amy
on Christmas morning

Jarred, Jennifer, Kim, and Dan
Christmas morning!

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