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Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Morning Musings

Hello Friends!
It's hard to believe summer is officially over with the First Day of School today here in Baton Rouge, LA. I agree with you that August 11 is way too early for summer to end! Especially this year because this year there are still three weeks left in August! The kids will be halfway through the first six weeks before September even starts! I miss the old days when the first day of school was the day after Labor Day and the last day of school was the end of May. And I miss everything about the way we did school when I was a child in the late 60's and early 70's. Thats when school was school. We looked forward to going to school each day for the sake of learning. We sat in our desk, had our own supplies, and the grades we got were the grades we earned based on how hard we worked and studied and listened in class. And if we miss behaved at school, our parents would be upset and disappointd with us, and not angry at the teachers or principal. The parents knew how important it was for their child to listen and behave at school and they put the fear of God into us before we had a chance to missbehave at school. We knew better. As a result, there were very few behavior problems at school. And if a child could not behave, they wouldn't last long at school in the old days. They would be sent home until they could learn to be good. Now fast forward to classrooms today...chaos! The teachers are spending 50% of their time and energy on discipline problems and classroom management. Yes, even in the best classrooms. What happened? I think we know what happened. It is a direct result of the breakdown of the American family. Mothers are working full time and they have important careers, Fathers are absent from the home, families are living farther away from the support of extended family, and many students are sent to school only for the free breakfast and free lunch programs. Can I fix it? No. Do I have to participate in this disaster? No. So this year I am at home on the first day of school. What do I miss about the first day of school? Bright smiling hopeful faces of parents and children, new clothes, new shoes, and school supplies. I love school supplies! I miss colored construction paper, wide-ruled notebooks, freshly sharpened pencils, school boxes, writing your name on everything, and the snapping sound of a three-ring binder. I know there are many excited children and parents today experiencing their first day of the 2014-2015 school year. I wish them all a successful and happy year of learning! Good Luck! 

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