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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sick Days

This is my 6th day to have the Shingles. My left eye is swollen nearly shut, but the redness seems to be subsiding somewhat. I think the rash is drying out and at least not getting bigger. My glands are still swollen on the left side of my face, but maybe not as much. I'm getting lots of rest and TV watching. I only go out when I can wear my sunglasses or if it is dark. (Kind of like a movie star/celebrity so I won't be recognized) The medicine is very expensive, so I am taking it three times a day as directed even though the doctor and pharmacist said they aren't sure how much it will help, but it is all they know to give for this strange virus. It's the same virus as Chicken Pox, but after you have the Chicken Pox, then you keep this residual virus which lays latent in your nerves and then for some unknown reason will pop out as Shingles. What a mystery. So, today I was at least feeling like finishing my other slipper, so I just finished knitting the other slipper, and now I have one for each foot! I have them on right now. They aren't pretty, but they are slippers that I knitted myself!! (And Fletcher said that I was too old to learn new things, that my brain would not want to form new pathways for knitting. )
Ha Ha! Ha!

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