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Monday, April 27, 2009

Stormy weather!

We are having another stormy afternoon here in the greater Houston area. Tornado watches and warnings are in effect until later this evening but, I still love storms! I love the anticipation as we wait and watch for the storm to arrive, and then when it starts to get dark outside as the clouds build up and cover the sky, and then the wind starts to blow and the rain begins. KABOOM goes the thunder, and FLASH goes the lightning! That's when it feels so safe and warm and dry inside our cozy little home. Finally, the best part is after the storm passes and everything returns to normal again. A storm is such a mystery!

On a different note, Amy made it back home last night. She had a good trip to Atlanta and is getting excited about moving there after graduation. It is so far away, and we will miss her. But, that's how it is I guess, when the little bird gets it's wings it can't wait to fly away, much to the distress of the mama and daddy bird. The time went by way too fast! If it were up to the mama and daddy bird the baby birds would at least live in a nest nearby.

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