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Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Gullatt Family photo - June 21, 2009

Rhonda, Daddy, Mother, and me.

This year we went to my sister's house to celebrate Father's Day. We had a Saturday night dinner at Babe's Chicken House Restaurant in Frisco, TX. The food was great and the atmosphere was fun. We all ordered different things and the food was served "family style." Since I'm on a "diet" I had the smoked chicken. Other choices were fried chicken, fried catfish, pot roast, chicken fried steak, and fried chicken tenders. All of the food was what you would call "home cookin." We were sooooo full, but happy when we left there. Thank you to my brother-in-law for paying for everyone's dinner. And, we took home lots of leftovers. While you are there sometimes the wait staff will stop everything and do the Hokey Pokey! But, we didn't get to see it. We did get to see one of the waitresses sing a solo. She sounded really good too. Very entertaining.

Saturday night we watched the movie Taken. It was pretty scary and a little disturbing. We all enjoyed watching it together.

Tommy (our dog) went with us and we all got to meet my sister's new puppy, Tess. She is sooo cute! She is a little Havapom. That is half Pomeranian and half something else that I can't remember. Tommy was not very friendly to the puppy. He didn't try to hurt her, he just avoided her and ran from her. I guess he is too old to play with a puppy.

On Sunday morning we all attended Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX. The Father's Day Message was from Psalm 23. The pastor used this passage from the Bible to show how our earthly fathers are our shepherds who guide us and protect us as we grow, like our heavenly father. The position of the father in the family is God-given and not to be taken lightly.

**Tonight as I watched the TV show Jon and Kate Plus Eight, It made me think about how the world's view of family and fatherhood compares to what God's view of the family and fatherhood. I wish Jon and Kate would realize that their lives are not just a TV show for our entertainment, but the choices they are making are real and will have eternal consequences. I will pray for them to reconcile and that they will ask God to heal their marriage because I know that He can do it if they will seek Him first and His will and not their own.

We enjoyed spending time with our earthly father this weekend and it all ended too soon.

A Father's Day Tribute to my Daddy

I am thankful for my Daddy and for his guidance in my life.

Daddy loves and cares about other people.One thing that is most unique about my Daddy is that he not only gave fatherly attention and guidance to me and my sister as we were growing up, but he also had a fatherly influence on many other children during his 30 year career as a Teacher, Coach, School Principal, and School Supervisor. He was always showing love and concern for other people in our community.

I had never really thought much about this until later as an adult. At my 10 year high school class reunion, a former classmate told me how much he appreciated the way my Daddy had treated him and what my Daddy had meant to him while he was a Junior High student, and that his life had been positively impacted by the kind words and influence of my Daddy as his Principal.

Daddy honored his parents.

My Daddy is a peron of integrity. I watched as he cared for his aging parents.He always took the time to make sure they had everything they needed. He also cared for his older sister when she got older and was sick and alone.

Daddy was born in 1930 during the Great Depression.

His daddy was a cotton farmer in north Louisiana who lost almost everything during the depression years. There were eight children in Daddy's family plus one grandchild raised by his parents. I guess they were poor, but they didn't know it. All eight children and the grandchild went on to get an education and live successful lives. Daddy respected his parents and made sure that we spent time with them at their house as we were growing up.

My Daddy honors God.

He always made sure that we went to church every Sunday, and we didn't just attend church, we were involved in what was going on at church. Our church family was an extension of our own family. Daddy sang in a men's quartet that went around singing in other churches in the area. I remember as a family going with him to practices or to hear him sing. Daddy even led the music at our church on Sundays even though he has never had a formal music lesson. I remember the Sunday when he and my sister sang a song together in front of the church.

Daddy honors my mother and their marriage.

This June Mother and Daddy celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary. The way they chose to celebrate was by spending the day helping their brother-in-law who was going to have surgery the next day, and then they stayed with them for a week to help out. This is the way they show love for one another.

Daddy honors his country.

He served for four years in the U.S. Air Force as a Staff Seargent. One of those years was spent in South Korea. He told me about the little Korean boy who worked in the office there cleaning and sweeping the floors and how he would come every day and ask them questions about God. Daddy and the other men answered his questions and told him about the love of Jesus.

Daddy loves his family.

Daddy's way of teaching us at home was mostly by encouraging us and living as an example.I remember watching him study his Sunday School lesson in the green recliner chair, helping mother with the household chores and with getting dinner ready and helping to clean up the kitchen after the meals. He raised a garden for many years out behind our house in the country, so we got to help with picking the vegetables and we all helped mother with the shelling and freezing and canning each summer.

Our Uncle (Daddy's brother) lived next door. He was a World War II hero, but they never really talked about it too much. The memories were too painful. Daddy always wanted to live near his family so they would see each other often and be there to help each other.

So, I have been blessed by God to have such a wonderful Daddy.

Thank you Daddy for all you do!

I love you and appreciate you!

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