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Friday, October 1, 2010

Our day trip to Gravette, AR

While Mother and Daddy were here visiting we took a ride over to Gravette, Arkansas to find The Shepherd Chapel Church. This is a Christian church that broadcasts services on TV, and Daddy has seen their program and wondered about this church and its location since it is so close to Bentonville. It is about 17 miles from here to the very small town of Gravette, AR, so it is pretty amazing that they have the ability to broadcast worldwide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week teaching and proclaiming the Gospel of Christ.


Anonymous said...

I love this church I moved here last year an I love this small town I couldn't be more happy in my life I've been with this church for 5yrs now an im so bless by Father ♥ thank you for sharing ★★★★★

Anonymous said...

I love this church ive been with them for 5yrs now an I moved to Gravette last year im so happy in this small town Father has blessed me so much ♥thank you for sharing ★★★★★

Anonymous said...

i watch shepherds chapel everyday on dish network 256. i love the reading of the word. just sad that pastor arnold murray passed away feb. 2014. now his son dennis runs the show. but still i try to never miss a new episode. and i love the Q and A part of the show.