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Monday, October 17, 2011

One Year Later...

Well, I know I haven't written here in a very long time, and to be honest, I just haven't been very motivated. But today, I wanted to mark this significant date in my own life, because I am officially, as of October 14, 2011, a One Year Survivor of Breast Cancer. I'm  fortunate because it was discovered early through a routine mammogram, and it was very treatable, and hopefully I will never have another episode. I am thankful to still be alive and well and surviving with very few after affects from treatment. Many others are not so fortunate and are still dealing with this horrible disease, and many are still dying from it every day. My prayers are for those that are still suffering to be cured and completely healed. As a result of this experience, I am now a devoted supporter of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. Thanks to the improvements that have been made due to research and better equipment, breast cancer can be detected at its earliest form and, if treated early, it is possible to be cured. So my recommendation to all women over the age of 40 is to have your regular mammogram screenings each year so that if something is found on your mammogram you will have a much better chance if it's caught early. I will have my 1 yr. mammogram this Wednesday, and next Wednesday a follow up appointment with the breast surgeon in Fayetteville. These are just standard procedure follow up visits and I don't expect them to find anything new. I am so thankful to have survived this year!

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