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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Louisiana

This year we spent Christmas with our family in our "hometown" of Ruston, Louisiana. Fletcher and I grew up in Ruston, and so it is a family tradition that we gather there with our families each year at our parent's homes to celebrate Christmas. Our parents live about a mile apart, so there is always plenty of room for a big crowd and we go back and forth between their houses to eat, sleep, and visit. Since our children have grown up, we cannot always have everyone there, but most of us were able to be there this year. Jennifer and her fiance' Jarred drove in from Austin and College Station, Texas, and Amy and her boyfriend Josh drove in from Atlanta, Georgia, and we drove in from Bentonville, Arkansas. On Christmas Eve we attended the Annual Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at Temple Baptist Church in Ruston where both sets of our parents are members, and then we celebrated Christmas Eve at the Scott's home with one of Fletcher's brothers and his family. Then on Christmas Day we celebrated with my parents and my sister and her family at the Gullatt home. It was chaotic and crowded at times, but that's just part of Christmas. Being together with our families is the best part of Christmas, and we are so thankful that we can still make that trip to Ruston and spend time together as a family remembering the birth of Jesus our Lord. We are so thankful to have Christian parents that raised us in Christian homes and taught us to love the Lord Jesus with all of our heart, all of our soul, all of our strength, and all of our minds, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. The traditions we share as a family are based on the Biblical teachings of Christ, which is the basis of our Christian beliefs and the way we live out our daily lives. Thank you Mom and Dad for teaching us about this one special gift of Christ which lasts for all eternity, and for living Godly lives as Christian examples for all of us. We love you and appreciate you so much and all you do for us each year at Christmas time and the whole year too!

Here are a few photos taken during our family Christmas celebrations:

Jennifer and Jarred preparing a special dip.

Josh and Amy drove from Atlanta to be with us for Christmas.

This is my Daddy aka "Poppy"

Jennifer, Jarred, Josh, and Amy

Me and Fletcher

The table is set for Christmas Eve dinner at the Scott house.

Vernaughn's (aka "Grandma") beautifully decorated Christmas tree!

Amy and Josh going through the dinner line at
the Scott's house on Christmas Eve.
Amy is dipping into Grandma's cornbread dressing!

Fletcher in the dinner line on
Christmas Eve at the Scott house.
As you can see, there was plenty to eat!

A close-up of the tree and gifts at the Scott's.

Jennifer and Jarred just opened a gift from Dan and Kim who were not able to be with us
because they were in Georgetown, Texas this Christmas with Kim's family.
This piece of dinnerware is from Jennifer and Jarred's wedding registry.
They are getting married in January 2012. Dan and Kim, they loved the gift! 

This is Jennifer with her new puppy Bella at the Gullatt's house.
Bella had a great time with everyone!

This is a snapshot of Poppy and Memaw Gullatt opening their gifts.

Poppy and Memaw are all smiles!
Merry Christmas!

Jarred and Jennifer will be getting married in just about three weeks
in College Station, Texas on January 14, 2012.
Best Wishes to the happy couple for a lifetime of love and happiness!

Here is a photo of Dan and Kim taken at their home before Christmas. I got to visit with them while I was in Houston, Texas recently. We missed them at Christmas, but I know they enjoyed being with Kim's family in Georgetown, Texas and we'll see them soon at the wedding in January. Love you Dan and Kim! Thanks for all of the wonderful gifts!

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