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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vitamin D

Well, this is something I have never thought much about before until now. I recently had an annual "well doctor visit." As part of this visit I had to have a fasting blood test. All of my blood work came back perfect, even the good and bad cholesterol and blood sugar levels, except for one thing: I am low on Vitamin D! What?! How could ths be? Vitamin D is the "Sunshine Vitamin!" I happen to love sunshine! Maybe I am really mssing Texas so much that living in Northwest Arkansas is now affecting my Vitamin D levels! Ha! I am missing all of that warm Texas sunshine!

Well, if you haven't had your Vitamin D levels checked and you are over 50, then you might consider having this done. Apparently Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and maintaining proper Calcium levels. My doctor has prescribed a pill that I will take once a month to correct this problem, so thankfully it's an easy fix! I'm feeling better already!

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