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Friday, November 2, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy...

It is a good thing to stay busy!
This week my mother and daddy came to visit me while Fletcher was out of town. They were here all week and we had such a good time together. I am so thankful that I have always enjoyed spending time with my parents. They arrived on Monday and left this morning on Friday. My mother loves to shop and so do I! Baton Rouge is a shopping mecca. There are so many places to shop around here that you can't possibly go to every store. There's always some undiscovered territory to explore in this city. First we went to the Citi Towne Center which is right around the corner from my house on Jefferson at Old Hammond Road. It is a great place to go when the weather is nice. The anchor store is a grocery store called Whole Foods. I love going to Whole Foods, but it is not my main grocery store because it is too expensive for my budget, but it is the most interesting grocery store I have ever shopped in and I love to explore it and look at different things. The Citi Towne Shopping Center also has many of your basic mall stores plus some exclusive Louisiana stores. That is something I love about shopping in Baton Rouge. There are many stores that are "local" or regional/state Louisiana stores that carry things you just don't see anywhere else. On Tuesday, we went to Macy's. Macy's is located in the Louisiana Mall in Baton Rouge, but it is one of the largest and best Macy's stores I have ever shopped in, and I have been to many Macy's stores in Texas. It takes a while to shop there because you have so much to look at and then you might need to try something on, and there's the coupons and discounts that have to be figured out. It's loads of fun to shop at Macy's and leave there feeling like you got a bargain! So, we only went to Macy's on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we went to Heroman's Florist and Gifts on Old Hammond and North Harrell's Ferry Rd. I am giving the address because there are several of these stores around in Baton Rouge. It's not just a flower shop/nursery, it is full of many wonderful things to look at and to buy for the home or for a gift or special occasion. From there we went to Goodwood Hardware Store which is also just around the corner from my house. This is no ordinary hardware store, it is one of the best known local stores in Baton Rouge and it has just about anything you can imagine to shop for including LSU gear and much more! You would have to visit there to understand. From there we went to the Red Door on Corporate. I love just walking through this store and admiring the creativity of all the decorations. Right now they are getting everything decorated for Christmas. This is the store that gives me inspiration for decorating our home, even though I don't buy much there, I love just being in the store and looking at all the colors and designs. After that we ate at Ci Ci's Pizza which was great for getting our pizza fix. After lunch we ran over to Steinmart and Marshall's two of our favorite discount stores that are also near our home. On Thursday we struck out for the outlet mall in Gonzales. This was my first visit to the outlet mall in south Louisiana. It isn't very large like some of the outlet malls in Texas, but it had all of our favorite stores like Chico's, Banana Republic, Coach, Naturalizer, Black/White and many more. We actually spent the whole day there and ate at Wendy's for lunch. Wow! I got a lot of shopping in this week which included some Christmas shopping. Sadly, mother and daddy left on Friday morning, and I will miss them, but I hope they will come back to see me again soon. After they left, Rhonda and John were headed down to Baton Rouge to visit with us for the weekend. We are going to LSU ESPN Game Day tomorrow to see all the festivities for LSU vs. Alabama. This will be my first LSU tailgating experience, so I'm looking forward to having some fun! It should be a busy weekend!!

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