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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

LSU Game Day!

Saturday we spent the day on the campus of Louisiana State University.
It was the day of the biggest game in college football.
LSU vs. Alabama

It was the ultimate in college football, and ESPN College Gameday was there.

And so were we...
my sister Rhonda and her husband John, and Fletcher...

Fletcher and me...
(I was just about the only one not wearing purple!)

Rhonda and John...
(true LSU fans!)

and over 150,000 other people on campus that day!
(Most wearing purple and gold!)

This was my first LSU tailgating experience and College Game Day.
As a first timer, I had a lot to learn about being an LSU fan.

1. Dress appropriately.

Here are some of the fashion trends I saw on Saturday:

Purple jeans, comfortable shoes, a backpack...
this is "college" afterall.

We saw a lot of ladies wearing gold sandals. This was a
good choice because it was in the 90 degree temperature range!

Shorts were a good choice, and any combination of purple and gold.

I don't know who these guys are, but this was the typical outfit for men tail-gating.
Note: buttons, t-shirts, hats, sunglasses and "extremely relaxed" look.

These ladies did not want to be mistaken for Alabama fans!

I wonder where you can get a set of these overalls?

You could wear yellow jeans!
(With a purple shirt of course.)

And then there was the connection to the upcoming
Presidential Election.

One pre-game tradition at LSU is for the team to walk down the street
and into the Stadium followed by the Tiger Band and Cheerleaders.
The following are a few photos of this event minus the band
because my camera battery "died" before the band got there.

This is where the team will enter the stadium, so we had a front row view.
The Referees arrive first with a police escort.
We thought it was funny that they arrived in a "prisoner transport" vehicle.

The media gathers, and the crowds begin to get restless from waiting...

Our view of the stadium...




The team arrives!
Coach Les Miles leads the way!

Quick! Get a glimpse of the team!

Can you find the quarterback?
He's the tall one in the center.
I can't remember his name, but maybe you do.

And then the cheerleaders...

The Tiger Band followed the cheerleaders into the stadium.

Well, the game didn't turn out the way the LSU Tigers had hoped. Alabama won.
But, there's always next year...

Rhonda made all the dogs an LSU Tiger scarf, so they were
able to participate in our College Game Day too while they stayed at home.

I didn't take any pictures of the actual Tailgate that we attended. I actually didn't think about taking pictures probably because we were busy eating and talking and sweating. I had on long jeans and regular shoes with a little bit of a heel and socks, and a sweater with a shirt under it! Good grief! WHY?? I definitely would not recommend this outfit for tailgating and Game Day activities! Next time I will wear a team t-shirt (even if it's not my team just so I can blend in better) and
tennis shoes for lots of walking and possibly shorts if it's going to be hot.

The LSU campus is really pretty with stately oak trees, and we got to see the new book store on campus. It is two story! We visited the student center and walked all around campus. On game day, there are tailgaters everywhere! The excitment is contagious and there was a brief moment when I actually thought about how much fun it would be to have gone to school at LSU!

We appreciate the friends who invited us to tailgate with them, the food was fantastic, and we had a great time with Rhonda and John as always. I am so thankful to have a sister and brother-in-law that we enjoy so much!

We went home in time to see the kick-off of the game on TV since we didn't actually have tickets to the game.
Tailgating and Game Day at LSU was quite an experience!
I'm glad we went.

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