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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas was a little different this year. We travelled many miles to see as many family members as we could that were within driving distance.

Our first stop was in Ruston, Louisiana to pick up my parents, and then we travelled together to Frisco, Texas just north of Dallas to my sister's house. This was a BIG Gullatt family reunion for us! We were all together for a couple of days. My parents, my sister and her family, and all of my family. That made a total of sixteen people. Here is the list:

Bill and Gloria Gullatt
Rhonda and John Malone
Matt and Meredyth Malone
Meg Malone
Molly Malone and Beau Fleming (engaged)
Pam and Fletcher Scott
Dan and Kim Scott
Jennifer (Scott) and Jarred Horn
Amy Scott

These are all the offspring of Billy and Gloria Gullatt, our parents, who have been married for 60 years!
We had a photographer come and take a few family photos.
Here we are:
Bill and Gloria Gullatt

I love these people!

Left to right
Meredyth, Matt, Beau, Molly, Meg, John, Rhonda, Gloria, Billy, Pam, Fletcher, Amy, Jennifer, Jarred, Kim, and Dan

Christmas Part 2:
After our family time with the Malones in Frisco, TX, we left them to go to Ruston, LA.
On Christmas Eve we always celebrate with the Scott Family.
This year, Jennifer and Jarred could not be there, but Dan and Kim, and Amy were there with us.

Christmas Part 3:
Christmas morning at the Gullatt's house in Ruston with Memaw and Poppy, Dan and Kim, Amy, Fletcher and me.

Christmas was a whirlwind of travel and gifts and visiting. It went by way too fast for me. I like to take things at a slower pace than most people, so it really ended too soon, and before I knew it everyone had returned to their places and we were back in Baton Rouge.

Christmas Part 4:
From Baton Rouge we made a quick trip to Atlanta to empty Amy's storage room there and then we dropped her off at the Atlanta airport for her return flight to NYC. It was cold and dreary that day with freezing rain and sleet falling in the ATL area. That's exactly how we felt too, very sad to say "Good-bye."

Now you can see why this was hard for me to share while it was still fresh. Saying "Good-bye" to our kids and family is always hard. We miss them so much.

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